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Cambridge Core - European Language and Linguistics - Using German Vocabulary - by Sarah M. B. Fagan. PDF; Export citation. Contents. pp v-vi. Access. Using German Vocabulary by Sarah M. B. Fagan Download eBook Using German Vocabulary Sarah M. B. Fagan ebook Format: pdf ISBN: This Vocabulary List is designed to accompany the OCR GCSE German Specification tier lists but can also use vocabulary that specifically suits the tasks they.

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Using German Vocabulary Pdf

Mastering German vocabulary: a practical guide to troublesome words/Bruce Donaldson. German for English Speakers: The Use of the L1 in L2 Vocabulary . This textbook provides a comprehensive and thematically structured vocabulary for students of German. Designed for all but the very beginning levels of. Vocabulary books are probably my favourite method of reinforcing words and your booklet is a with my account after completing the tree.

Believe it or not, reading is one of the most valuable and often overlooked activities in language learning. Reading short, captivating stories or interesting articles about topics you enjoy will strengthen your language skills immensely and help you to develop well-rounded knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar. Don't have time to read this article now? Don't worry! When we learn from textbooks, we usually scrutinize information carefully, reading and re-reading sentences with an emphasis on understanding. This is called intensive reading. Here, the focus is on studying each detail and comprehending material thoroughly. However, we use a very different technique when reading in our native languages. We may skim through material or skip words to get a gist of the story. This is called extensive reading. When we start to learn German, especially as a first foreign language, we grow accustomed to reading intensively. This method makes reading unenjoyable for a prolonged period of time. Pretty soon, the enjoyment starts to disappear. And yet, we know that exposure to a language on a regular basis is key to acquiring the language faster and improving your overall level of understanding. Interesting and level-appropriate reading material can help keep you get engaged and motivated while gaining exposure to spoken and written German.

Fagan ebook Format: Cambridge University Press.

Are still quite a few specialised terms missing. Product Dimensions: German pulls heavily from French vocabulary as well.

Basic German Vocabulary - basic German words

The spreadsheet will be really useful for me to expand my German vocab and also to have on a PDA or smartphone if touring in one of the countries who's language is also covered Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Serbian I had been using this list for German-English, but hadn't found an equivalent for French, so this is way better, plus it is far more exhaustive.

Bitte, danke, nein bringing our german vocabulary count to three words total. Basic-German-Vocabulary-Langenscheidt http: We've arrived in switzerland… it was snowing when we got off the train! Of German, "vocabulary skills in English, a better understanding of the English language itself, improved literacy, higher reading achievement as well as enhanced listening skills and memory have been shown to correlate with German language study".

But if one desires to acquire an all round beginners level of proficiency at the language, then you will definitely need to supplement German I with a good grammar book, as well as build up your vocabulary. Ask yourself how much you were able to understand and try to write a short summary. Re-read the first chapter.

You may want to look up any essential words, but otherwise just try to read through the story as you did the first time. This will help you build up confidence and you may be able to learn a few things from context. Write down additional notes once you complete the chapter the second time. Then continue on with the rest of the book, allowing yourself to get lost in the story. The most difficult part will probably be resisting the urge to look up words in the dictionary.

Try to learn new vocabulary through context, when possible, to gain confidence. The more you practice, the easier it will get. Instead, try short stories and other easy books.

Using German Vocabulary

Stories should also be compelling to read and involve interesting plots. The more you lose yourself in the story, the more you focus on the meaning rather than on the grammar or the unknown words. The following books will leave you with a feeling of achievement as you progress through stories suitable for beginner and intermediate level students. This book contains pages of unconventional German short stories that are perfect for A1-B1 levels. Each of the stories in the book is designed to be fun and engaging with just the right amount of new vocabulary.

The language is conversational and natural, and manageable chapters, combined with a gentle introduction of new grammar will have you enjoying reading in German from the very beginning. I took this story concept even further with the creation of my German Uncovered course. Instead of learning through textbooks and grammar rules, you go from beginner to intermediate in German by immersing yourself in an intriguing story.

I've developed this more natural approach to language learning through years of language study and experimentation.

And now I've put all my knowledge together in German Uncovered so you can learn though story too.

Check it out here. The story contains realistic characters and descriptions of the world of crime, art, and cabaret during the Weimar Republic.

This is a must-read for German language beginners.

Complete B1 Vocabulary List (official list)

Reading books with stories you recognize can present a great opportunity to improve your German skills. This is another fascinating story written by the author Michael Ende. He was one of the most popular German writers of the 20th century and well-known for his juvenile fiction.

Although originally written for teenagers, this novel is just as exciting for adults. This strange story of time-thieves and the child who brought stolen time back to the people is an excellent and very entertaining! He uses simple grammar and short sentences, which makes this book perfect for German beginners.

The plot is somewhat unusual too — telling the story of a salesman who wakes up one day to find he has been transformed into an insect.

The vocabulary is relatively simple, and the story is easy to follow making this a great work of fiction that all German language students need to read. This modern German classic was written by the Swiss author, Max Frisch. Its interesting story and relatively basic grammar and vocabulary make this novel great for beginner learners.

The story follows the life of an engineer who values rational and practical thinking. However, an exciting chain of events forces him to reconsider his view on life. Beginniner and intermediate language students will find this story compelling and without too many grammatical challenges along the way. The story is easy to understand and uses straightforward grammar. This novel is perfect for those who want to practice learning vocabulary through context.

These are just a few of many excellent books to help you start reading in German. So what are you waiting for? Take your pick and find yourself a comfy place where you can sit down and relax as you practice your German reading skills.

Do you have a favourite German book?

Free Downloadable PDFs for Learning German

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